You probably know it’s important to see a dentist if there’s a problem with your tooth, but how important are routine dental visits? Very important! Here’s what you should know about routine visits and how they help to keep your teeth healthy.

Routine Dental Care

Your at-home dental care routine is important because plaque and bacteria is introduced to your teeth every day through food and drinks, and if you don’t brush your teeth regularly, it can lead to problems like gum disease and cavities. That’s why dentists recommend brushing after each meal. Brushing works to wash away food debris, sugars, and acid so your teeth stay healthy, bright, and strong.

But how important are routine dental visits? Are they really necessary if you take good care of your teeth at home?

Are Routine Dental Visits Necessary?

Routine dental visits are important because your dentist has the tools and the trained eye to spot signs of minor issues before they turn into bigger problems. It’s much easier to address the issue of plaque that’s just starting to build-up than to repair a tooth that’s suffered decay from plaque being allowed to linger too long!

What Happens during Routine Dental Visits?

During your dental care visit, your dentist will examine your teeth to check for any build-up, signs of tooth decay or damage, or gum irritation. They might also perform x-rays to check for any issues beneath the surface of your teeth. If you’re getting a dental cleaning, as well, your dental hygienist will also clean your teeth and polish them, so you’ll leave with your smile looking and feeling its brightest and best!

How Often Should You Go?

Dentists typically recommend that healthy patients who take good care of their teeth visit every 6 months. If you have a history of dental health issues or other conditions that might affect your teeth, your dentist might recommend more frequent routine visits.

Questions like, “How important are routine dental visits?” are great questions to ask because it’s always helpful to learn more about how to keep your teeth healthy and strong! If you have more questions about how to keep your smile healthy, don’t hesitate to call and ask! We’re always happy to help however we can.

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